The Benefits of a Walkable Community

Located in the heart of Valleyview, Orchards Walk offers unique flatland that is excellent for walking and cycling. Our master community plan works towards a highly walkable neighbourhood with nearby amenities including a planned recreation centre, future commercial plaza and pedestrian access over the highway to river parkland. As a walkable community Orchards Walk also features a variety of living options including multi-family townhomes, single family homes, and the newly developed retirement condominiums at The Residence. Living in a walkable neighbourhood has many benefits, here are a few that inspired us in designing the master plan of Orchards Walk.

Walkable communities are good for the environment
A growing collective of research shows that people who live in compact communities where services and amenities are nearby, will spend less time in their vehicles and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, residents may be more inclined to take their exercise outdoors by jogging, walking or cycling instead of driving to the gym. Or they may be more likely to walk their dog regularly in their own neighbourhood instead of getting in the car and driving to the dog park. Walkability is also sustainable for the local economy. Having nearby coffee shops, retail and services encourage people to take interest and support local businesses.

Walkable communities promote healthy lifestyles.
Time to get those fitbits out! Life expectancy increases 1.3-1.5 years on average when someone walks for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. People who live in walkable communities naturally exercise more, which may improve cholesterol, aid in weight management, and improve overall mental health and well-being. If biking is your passion, Valleyview is only a 30 minute bike ride to downtown Kamloops.

Walkable communities can save you money
Everyone knows car ownership is an expensive necessity many cannot live without. Walkable neighbourhoods however, may allow families to cut down to just one vehicle per household with the ability to walk easily to shops and services nearby. Imagine one less car payment, less insurance, less gas, less maintenance. The list goes on. Living in a walkable community may relieve these expenses, and with bus access just around the corner you may be able to say goodbye to your car all together.